UK study: 55% of universities censor speech, ban speakers

Follow @TheCircumvent There is an unholy alliance between distant, unrepresentative student activists who demand censorship in the name of protecting students, and a cowardly university administration all too willing to cave into their demands…. Indeed, this also happens in the… Continue Reading

Sharia Canada: University investigating ‘offensive posters’ that ‘made false statements about the Prophet Muhammad’

Follow @TheCircumvent With the ignorance surrounding Islam, for all we know the poster could have said Muhammad had a 6-year-old child bride or beheaded 600-900 Jews, both of which are factual, according to Islamic sources. CJOY, November 17, 2017. Campus… Continue Reading

Terrorist-sympathizer whose profile has graphic calling for ‘Third Palestinian Intifada’ speaks at George Washington University

Follow @TheCircumvent Washington Examiner, November 16, 2017. The Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at George Washington University hosted terrorist-sympathizer Rabab Abdulhadi on Tuesday. Abdulhadi, an ethnic studies professor at San Francisco State University — which was accused in a lawsuit earlier this year of being… Continue Reading

Students affiliated with SJP laugh at former IDF commander for coming out as gay, chant ‘Free Palestine’

Follow @TheCircumvent Laughing at a man who comes out as gay. Isn’t this something usually celebrated on a college campus? When Mazzig discussed the need for greater, organized support for the LGBTQ community being oppressed in Gaza and the West… Continue Reading

Report: Students for Justice in Palestine is terror-affiliated, anti-free speech org endangering American campuses

Follow @TheCircumvent Free Beacon, November 15, 2017. The anti-Israel national campus organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a terror-affiliated, anti-free speech organization endangering American campuses, according to a new report from a Jerusalem research institute. Co-authored by Dan… Continue Reading

UK: Islamic group at university apologizes for distributing terror booklets that say ‘every Muslim should be a terrorist’

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Express, June 15, 2017. Dr. Zakir Naik at it again: It also claims women should wear hijabs to “prevent them from being molested” and says Western culture has turned women into “concubines, mistresses, and social butterflies who… Continue Reading