Effects of terrorism — Scotland Yard unveils new ‘spiked net’ to stop vehicular jihad attacks

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Telegraph, September 10, 2017. spiked net designed to stop a terrorist lorry attack in its tracks has been unveiled by Scotland Yard to protect large public gatherings in the capital. The heavy net bristling with tungsten steel… Continue Reading

Top Indonesian Muslim scholar: ‘Stop pretending that extremism and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam’

Follow @TheCircumvent [ISIS’s] goal of establishing a global caliphate stands squarely within the orthodox Islamic tradition. Lots of good nuggets in here. Time, September 7, 2017. Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim-majority country, has a constitution that recognizes other major religions,… Continue Reading

Female founder of ‘Liberal’ mosque: ‘I don’t accept that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam’; denounces Sharia courts

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Mail Online, July 26, 2017. A controversial female Imam, who received death threats after opening a liberal mosque for all Muslims, says the UK’s Sharia courts breed Islamic extremism and called for them to be shut. Seyran… Continue Reading