New Zealand: Radicalized teen convert to Islam plotted mass vehicular and stabbing jihad ‘for Allah’

Follow @TheCircumvent Another “peaceful” convert to Islam… Stuff, February 16, 2018. A Kiwi teenager radicalised online planned to ram a car into a group of people in Christchurch and then stab them. The teenager wrote a goodbye note to his… Continue Reading

Sweden: Jihadi asylum seeker who killed 5 in vehicular jihad planned for months, targeted gay clubs

Follow @TheCircumvent Gay clubs? Planning for months? Asylum seeker? Vehicular jihad? Surely nothing to do with Islam or immigration. He was probably just disgruntled or mentally ill. February 9: Linked to Tajik IS militants February 2: Stockholm jihadi had contact with ‘high-ranking… Continue Reading

Effects of terror — Newsweek asks if it’s safe to attend Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after New York vehicular jihad

Follow @TheCircumvent Fears against terrorism are real, though some would say falling out of bed kills more. Daily Mail Online reported in June: A new Gallup poll found that 38 percent of Americans are less willing to attend events that have large… Continue Reading

Vehicular jihad? — 28-y/o man ‘deliberately’ rams car into pedestrians, local police say driver has ‘severe psychological problems’

Follow @TheCircumvent This follows the staple of jihad we see over and over again: Known person: “The man responsible was known to police.” Quick to blame mental illness: “He has severe psychological problems, and had been placed under supervision in… Continue Reading

Canada: Police officer stabbed, 4 pedestrians ploughed down by jihadi driving U-Haul truck with ISIS flag

Follow @TheCircumvent October 4: Somali Refugee Accused Of Canada Terror Attack Was Ordered Deported From US October 3: Somali Refugee Accused In Stabbing Not Charged With Terrorism October 1: Somalis deny communal issue: “This is an individual who has gone wrong” October… Continue Reading

Effects of terrorism — Scotland Yard unveils new ‘spiked net’ to stop vehicular jihad attacks

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Telegraph, September 10, 2017. spiked net designed to stop a terrorist lorry attack in its tracks has been unveiled by Scotland Yard to protect large public gatherings in the capital. The heavy net bristling with tungsten steel… Continue Reading

(Updated) Barcelona Terror: ISIS claim responsibility for vehicular jihad that leaves 16 dead, 130 injured

Follow @TheCircumvent This is a continually developing story and this post will be updated as new information becomes available. Click here to view our list of Islamic terror attacks. Related: David Wood: Understanding Vehicular Jihad (Youtube) November 18, 2017: Mastermind imam… Continue Reading

Terrorism’s results — Australia’s ‘concrete jungles’ to keep out vehicular jihad from plowing down citizens

Follow @TheCircumvent, August 20, 2017. Attractive statues and seats acting as barricades in popular stadiums, bridges, shopping centres and shared traffic zones across the country are part of a new plan to block terrorists from ploughing vehicles into pedestrians.… Continue Reading

France: Policeman shoot knifeman dead after he rams police cars, claimed to have ‘knife and explosives’

Follow @TheCircumvent The police have already dismissed terrorism, but this incident follows the same pattern as almost every other jihad attack: The jihadi attacks Invocation of “Psychiatric problems” or “mental illness“ Reports that the jihadi is a known criminal Police… Continue Reading