Effects of terror — Newsweek asks if it’s safe to attend Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after New York vehicular jihad

Follow @TheCircumvent Fears against terrorism are real, though some would say falling out of bed kills more. Daily Mail Online reported in June: A new Gallup poll found that 38 percent of Americans are less willing to attend events that have large… Continue Reading

Pro-ISIS social media: Jihadists call for ‘a terror-filled New Year’ in Christmas-style card poster

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Mail Online, November 17, 2017. ISIS supporters have called for terror attacks over the festive period in a Christmas card-style propaganda image offering ‘just terror and a terror-filled New Year’. The post, which appeared on an pro-ISIS Telegram channel yesterday,… Continue Reading

Homeland Security chief: Jihadists are plotting ‘another 9/11’ using planes

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Mail Online, October 18, 2017. Islamic State fanatics and other terror groups are planning another massive attack on the scale of 9/11, a top US security chief warned today. Elaine Duke, Donald Trump’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security, said… Continue Reading

Iranian general: ‘We have buried many … like Trump and know how to fight against America’

Follow @TheCircumvent The Independent, October 13, 2017. A senior commander in Iran’s Quds Force, the overseas arm of the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has said that his forces have “buried many” like Donald Trump, and the US President’s… Continue Reading

UK: 600 extremist plots under investigation; terror chiefs warn of ‘homegrown jihadis’

Follow @TheCircumvent (The Sun, September 5) Britain’s ‘isolated communities’ have fueled explosion in homegrown ISIS extremists Security services are currently working on 600 active investigations into possible extremist plots, he revealed. Daily Star, September 5, 2017. The Met’s deputy assistant commissioner… Continue Reading

EU counter-terrorism official: UK has 25-30K radicals, 3K of which are worrying MI5

Follow @TheCircumvent Read more: The Sun, September 1 Daily Express, August 31, 2017. European Union’s counter-terrorism co-ordinator Gilles de Kerchove singled out the UK as having more radicalised muslims than any other country in Europe. Mr de Kerchove also warned… Continue Reading