Hijabi quits The Voice after her antisemitic and pro-Palestine social media posts are discovered

Follow @TheCircumvent In her 2016 remarks Ibtissem, the show’s first contender to perform while wearing a Muslim head covering, wrote following the murder of a priest in Saint-Etienne-du Rouvray by an Islamist that “the real terrorist[s] are our government.” Well, isn’t that a… Continue Reading

Canada: Muslim org adjusts its recruitment policies after volunteer’s tweets show prayer for Allah to ‘ruin the homes of the Jews’

Follow @TheCircumvent Muslim antisemitism is a result of the demonization of Jews in their Qur’an. As Robert Spencer has listed out: [T]he Qur’an depicts the Jews as fabricating things and falsely ascribing them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181), denying Allah’s power… Continue Reading

India: Police file criminal case against Twitter user who posted ‘blasphemous’ remarks against Muhammad’s daughter

Follow @TheCircumvent Siasat News, November 20, 2017. Police Dabeerpura registered a criminal case under section 295 (A) of IPC against a person who had posted blasphemous remarks against Hazrat Bibi Fatima. According to the details, the members of Shia sect of the Muslims made… Continue Reading

Female Saudi TV writer and presenter mocked for tweet advocating women to pray alongside men

Follow @TheCircumvent Not only is Islam tolerant, it’s a feminist religion, too! Step Feed, November 3, 2017. Well-known Saudi writer and presenter Nadine Albudair is currently at the center of a Twitter controversy. On Thursday, the media personality shared a now-deleted tweet… Continue Reading

Twitter refuses to remove anti-Semitic tweet saying it’s ‘absolutely vile’ North London is ‘riddled with Jews’

Follow @TheCircumvent The Social Media giants have become wholly vile in their hypocrisy, not removing Muslim anti-Semitism or 50,000 ISIS twitter accounts or banning pro-life ads: PA mission to Colombia calls for Israel’s destruction by quoting Arafat on Twitter Twitter… Continue Reading

PA mission to Colombia calls for Israel’s destruction by quoting Arafat on Twitter

Follow @TheCircumvent Partners in peace! Arutz Sheva, October 20, 2017. The official Palestinian Authority mission to Colombia posted a call for the complete destruction of the State of Israel on its Twitter account Thursday night. The PA mission posted a… Continue Reading

The irony — Facebook executive slams Twitter for suppressing free speech

Follow @TheCircumvent What irony. Facebook suppresses free speech, especially concerning criticism of Islam, and allows pro-jihad groups and posts. An excellent book detailing Facebook’s allowance of jihad terror came out in 2016 and is worth reading: Banned: How Facebook Enables Militant… Continue Reading

Twitter blocks Republican rep’s campaign ad because pro-life statement was ‘inflammatory’

Follow @TheCircumvent More proof of social media’s thought policing. Free Beacon, October 9, 2017. Twitter has blocked Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s (Tenn.) Senate campaign announcement ad, ruling that a pro-life statement was “inflammatory.” At one point in the video, Blackburn,… Continue Reading