Al-Azhar professor sparks outrage by saying necrophilia between spouses not a sin

Follow @TheCircumvent Egypt Independent, September 18, 2017. Head of Al-Azhar University, Mohamed Hussein, decided on Sunday to refer Al-Azhar professor Sabri Abdul Raeuf to investigation over recent his recent necrophilia ‘fatwā’ [Islamic legal opinion], that generated massive outrage and controversy… Continue Reading

Professor at Egyptian university suspended for 3 months after anti-Islam Facebook posts discovered

Follow @TheCircumvent Egypt Independent, August 23, 2017. Dr Maher al-Maghraby, professor of Psychiatry, is the subject of an investigation by a disciplinary board at Zaqaziq University, after the discovery of anti-Islam posts on his Facebook page, Faculty of Medicine at… Continue Reading

Georgetown University prof runs Tumblr blog “S–t Men Say”; gives out personal info

Follow @TheCircumvent Georgetown, where Tiffany Trump will attend law school. More about Georgetown university professors. Age of S–tlords, May 24, 2017. This story first appeared on MRCTV, and has been edited for the purpose of this article: A distinguished professor at Georgetown… Continue Reading