Germany: Stash of new bullets discovered in car park under mosque and next to Christmas market

Follow @TheCircumvent However, authorities say there is “no suspicion” of any terrorism related plot yet, insisting it’s not uncommon to find ditched ammunition in Berlin. “Ammunition is always being found in Berlin,” a police spokesman was quoted as saying by Reuters. “Somebody was probably… Continue Reading

UK: Police told to monitor 20K extremists more closely after recent terror attacks

Follow @TheCircumvent Link to The Circumvent’s London Bridge jihad news coverage Link to The Circumvent’s Manchester Arena bomb attack news coverage Breitbart London, November 21, 2017. Police and intelligence agencies have been told to more closely monitor the 20,000 known… Continue Reading

India: Police file criminal case against Twitter user who posted ‘blasphemous’ remarks against Muhammad’s daughter

Follow @TheCircumvent Siasat News, November 20, 2017. Police Dabeerpura registered a criminal case under section 295 (A) of IPC against a person who had posted blasphemous remarks against Hazrat Bibi Fatima. According to the details, the members of Shia sect of the Muslims made… Continue Reading