Video catches NY Times editor slams Pence as ‘f***ing horrible,’ says reporters tried to sway voters against Trump

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Caller, October 17, 2017. The newest Project Veritas video reveals a New York Times editor trashing Vice President Mike Pence as “f***ing horrible” and indicating that reporters wrote stories during the presidential campaign with the intention of… Continue Reading

(Updated) Rep. Scalise returns to Capitol — Shooting at congressional baseball practice

Follow @TheCircumvent This post will have multiple stories and will be updated as new information unfolds. October 6: New Report: GOP Baseball Suspect Committed ‘Act Of Terrorism’ ‘Fueled By Rage Against Republican Legislators’ October 3, 2017: Scalise: Being shot in the hip ‘fortified’… Continue Reading

Obama-appointed judge expands list of relatives exempted from travel ban; Trump goes to Supreme Court

vFollow @TheCircumvent (Reuters, July 17) Grandmas, grandpas from travel ban states now welcome (Al Arabiya, July 15) Trump asks Supreme Court to block travel ban ruling (Washington Examiner, July 14) Justice Department ready to defend travel ban after Hawaii judge ruled against it… Continue Reading