Pakistan: Religious parties praise ‘heroes’ and ‘warriors of Islam’ who lynched student accused of blasphemy

Follow @TheCircumvent A portion of the original story, highlighting Muslim tolerance of others with different views: Mardan’s Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Mohammad Alam Shinwari said the deceased student, Mashal, had been accused of running Facebook pages “which allegedly… Continue Reading

Nigeria: Muslim students riot after Christian makes ‘blasphemous’ statement about Muhammad

Follow @TheCircumvent Ah, Muslim tolerance. It is highly probable his phone was hacked in order to rile up the Muslim students. Or, since it is historically accurate to say that Muhammad had a sex problem and had sex with (raped)… Continue Reading

Kenya: Muslim mob causes severe damage to Catholic cathedral after Islamic preacher is arrested over terror ties

Follow @TheCircumvent Muslims being violent? Surely something out of the ordinary? Muslims assaulting non-Muslims is common, especially after Friday sermons. Here are some incidents from 2017: July 17, 2017: Muslim gang rampaged through Liverpool attacking strangers because they were white ‘non-Muslims’… Continue Reading

India: Muslim mob ransacks office of NGO that stalled child marriage

Follow @TheCircumvent From Wikipedia: “Majority of the population of Rajabazar is Sunni Muslim, mostly Urdu-speaking, descended from immigrants from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.” TNN, January 15, 2018. The office of an NGO in Rajabazar was ransacked after its members stalled a child… Continue Reading

Pakistan: Christian teen beaten to death by classmates after drinking from same glass as Muslim

Follow @TheCircumvent Related: School’s policy of separate cups for Muslims and non-Muslims draws ire September 14, 2017: Muslims called Pakistani Christian a ‘Filthy Christian, Demon’ when they killed him Original report: BPC, September 1, 2017 iNews, September 8, 2017. A 17-year-old… Continue Reading