Russia: Imam caught justifying terrorism during prayer in mosque seeks to overturn prison sentence

Follow @TheCircumvent Rapsi News, December 5, 2017. Moscow imam Makhmud Velitov, convicted of justifying terrorism, has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court’s Presidium seeking to overturn the sentence, his lawyer Dagir Khasavov told RAPSI on Tuesday. “Presidium of the… Continue Reading

UK: Police told to monitor 20K extremists more closely after recent terror attacks

Follow @TheCircumvent Link to The Circumvent’s London Bridge jihad news coverage Link to The Circumvent’s Manchester Arena bomb attack news coverage Breitbart London, November 21, 2017. Police and intelligence agencies have been told to more closely monitor the 20,000 known… Continue Reading

Report: USA experienced more deaths from terrorist attacks in 2016 than in any year since 9/11

Follow @TheCircumvent 5 most impacted countries: 1. Iraq – Deaths: 9,765; – Incidents: 2,965 2. Afghanistan – Deaths: 4,574; – Incidents: 1,342 3. Nigeria – Deaths: 1,832; – Incidents: 466 4. Syria – Deaths: 2,102; – Incidents: 366 5. Pakistan – Deaths: 956; – Incidents:… Continue Reading

Diversity is our terror — Islamic terrorists have been Pakistanis, Afghans, Somalis, Palestinians….

Follow @TheCircumvent Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag, November 2, 2017. Truly, diversity is our terror. Nationally, the perpetrators and plotters of Islamic terrorism in just the last ten years have included Pakistanis (San Bernardino, Garland, UC Merced), Chechens (Boston Marathon bombing), Afghans (Orlando… Continue Reading

New York terror: Muslim shouting Allahu Akbar while driving Home Depot truck kills 8

Follow @TheCircumvent This is a developing story and this post will be updated as more information becomes available. Read more: The Circumvent’s List of Islamic Terror Attacks November 29: Pleads not guilty November 25: Uzbeks Fear Some May Associate Their… Continue Reading

Effects of terror — UK: Concrete barriers protect Christmas markets from vehicular jihad

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Mirror, October 27, 2017. Huge concrete barriers have been installed to protect visitors to one of the world’s biggest Christmas markets from a terror attack . Birmingham Council has again installed the ‘ring of steel’ bollards in the city centre in an… Continue Reading

HR McMaster calls 9/11 ‘mass murder attack’ with no mention of Islamic terrorism

Follow @TheCircumvent Get rid of the swamp, Mr. President. It doesn’t share your values. Breitbart Jerusalem, October 12, 2017. H.R. McMaster, President Trump’s embattled national security adviser, labeled the September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorist attacks “mass murder attacks,” instead of… Continue Reading