Muslim tolerance — India: Muslima receives death threats for leading Friday prayers

Follow @TheCircumvent January 31: Indian Muslim clerics: Women can’t lead prayer, it is forbidden Financial Express, January 29, 2018. A 34-year-old Muslim woman named Jamitha is facing death threats for leading Friday prayers. Jamitha, who is general secretary of the… Continue Reading

Wales: Imam ‘abused children at mosque’ over many years; offered boy lollipops before sexual assault

Follow @TheCircumvent The Circumvent has documented many stories showing the sexual frustration of the Muslim world. Wales: Mosque teacher jailed for sexually assaulting children; shows no remorse Pakistan: 2 Muslim men sexually assault 13-y/o boy after getting him drunk Pakistan: Muslim cleric arrested… Continue Reading

In Friday sermon in Jerusalem, sheikh promises: We will storm your White House, capture your land

Follow @TheCircumvent Related: Hamas official to Trump: Palestine will be your graveyard MEMRI TV, December 22, 2017. Sheikh “Abu Qusay” delivered a Friday sermon in Jerusalem, in which he addressed the “dweller of the White House” and said: “We will storm… Continue Reading

(Video) Lebanese-American imam: Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is ‘acknowledging a Satanic holiday’

Follow @TheCircumvent The Muslim Ebeneezer Scrooge. He’s certainly not the only one: Khaled Al-Felaij, a Saudi cleric, recently lambasted Christmas[16] on a message posted to the internet: “These holidays that are celebrated by those infidel Jews and Christians are false, and run counter… Continue Reading

(Video) Mosque sermon: Imam prays that Allah will grant martyrdom at Al-Aqsa Mosque, calls Jews apes and pigs

Follow @TheCircumvent December 27, 2017: Imam finally apologizes for calling Jews ‘apes and pigs’ December 21: Mainstream media wait 1 week to report…. December 18, 2017: Suspended without pay for 1 month December 15, 2017: Sent for ‘restraining’ For the… Continue Reading