Canada: Lawyer for Allahu Akbar-shouting jihadi says he is not a terrorist but ‘a mentally ill guy waving around a knife’

Follow @TheCircumvent The media perpetuates the myth that Muslims waging jihad are mentally ill. Here are two examples where the jihadis were found to NOT be mentally ill: France: Jihadi who murdered French Jewess while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ isn’t mentally… Continue Reading

Turkey: President Erdogan promises to honor little girl with Turkish flag if she is ‘martyred’

Follow @TheCircumvent Considering sermons about jihad were preached in many mosques over the last few weeks, and “martyrdom” in Islam is connected to receiving rewards (paradise, memorial, etc), this comment from Erdogan is rooted in Islamic thought. February 26: Sparks… Continue Reading

Australia: Would-be Islamic terrorist would not hesitate to shoot and kill a baby during jihad

Follow @TheCircumvent In a May 17 meeting with the pair, Khaja said his motivation for carrying out an attack “doesn’t come from watching YouTube videos or anything, it comes straight from the verses of Quran”. And there you have it!… Continue Reading

UK: Muslim made 110 references to martyrdom and ISIS on social media, had copy of bomb-making manual

Follow @TheCircumvent January 30: Downloaded bomb-making manual ‘for scientific research‘ The scientific research needed to dispose of, chemically, the infidels. January 26: Facebook reinstated his account 9 times January 23: ‘Just posting news‘; Facebook kept ISIS videos up because he… Continue Reading