Abbas wants 2 state solution or Palestinians have no choice but to ‘continue the struggle’

Follow @TheCircumvent “Continue the struggle”? And what is struggle in Arabic, again? Jihad? Obviously, a militaristic reference, considering Abbas’ PA rewards “martyrs.” Also, ‘historic’ Palestine? It has a history, but it doesn’t go back many years: “Testifying before the British… Continue Reading

Jihadi who traveled to India to train Muslims in jihad was radicalized in London prison

Follow @TheCircumvent This speaks to the problem of radicalization in prisons, something that should not be ignored any longer. September 25: Arrested al-Qaida man’s only regret? ‘Triple talaq’ to wife over phone September 20: Al-Qaeda militant arrested in Delhi reveals details of… Continue Reading

(Updated) (Video) California Imam prays for Allah to destroy the Jews

Follow @TheCircumvent (MEMRI TV, August 4) California Imam Mahmoud Harmoush on Antisemitic Sermon: It Was Misinterpreted by Politically-Motivated People Who Fish in Dirty Water (Ynet News, July 26) ADL condemns anti-Semitic sermons by two California imams Related: California Friday sermon: Imam prays… Continue Reading

Indonesia’s first would-be suicide bomber: ‘The blessing from ‘jihad’ could help my parents enter heaven’

Follow @TheCircumvent Australian Associated Press, August 10, 2017. A woman alleged to be Indonesia’s first would-be suicide bomber has told her trial that she believed the terror attack would help her parents “enter heaven”. Dian Yulia Novi, along with six… Continue Reading