Canada: Police investigating ‘Islamophobic’ depiction of silhouette Muhammad

Follow @TheCircumvent What exactly is Islamophobic about Muhammad repeating two conservative ideas? The fact that the ideas are based in right-of-center politics? That doesn’t have anything to do with Islam. What about this Saudi Arabian sheikh’s tweet? Saudi Arabian sheikh… Continue Reading

Canada: Questionnaire used by police to screen Muslim asylum seeker sentiments on ISIS and hijabs is discontinued

Follow @TheCircumvent “But what possible purpose could someone’s opinion about female employment or religious head coverings have to bear on an assessment of risk?” Oh I don’t know. Why don’t you ask (list taken from Robert Spencer) “Aqsa Parvez, whose Muslim… Continue Reading

Germany: Iran-born politician who fled Iranian Revolution investigated for ‘Islamophobia’

Follow @TheCircumvent The Local, August 9, 2017. Prosecutors in the southwest German city of Saarbrücken are investigating an Iran-born AfD politician over accusations that she made Islamophobic statements. A prosecutor’s office spokeswoman said on Wednesday that AfD politician Laleh Hadjimohamadvali… Continue Reading

(Video) Piers Morgan tries to shut down truth teller and opponent of jihad terrorism

Follow @TheCircumvent The Sun, June 20, 2017. See below for video. This was painful to watch, but it could be a premier characterization of how the Left shuts down debate. They interrupt you incessantly, they don’t allow you to challenge… Continue Reading