Report: Islamists who support terrorists and demonize gays and Jews sent into universities under guise of fighting ‘Islamophobia’

Follow @TheCircumvent All this while 55% of universities in the UK censor speech and ban speakers. This same think tank, the Henry Jackson Society, also found that, as reported by the Daily Mail in September 2017, [r]adical Islamic speakers have… Continue Reading

Canada: Widely-reported attack on 11-y/o hijabi never happened, according to police

Follow @TheCircumvent The moment I heard of the attack, I had my suspicions they were fake. They were proven to be correct. Click here to view some more fake hate crimes. There are now two HuffPo articles trying to diminish… Continue Reading

British school in Kuwait says ‘the celebration of Islamic values’ are ‘cornerstones’ of its mission

Follow @TheCircumvent This is a follow up to this story: Kuwait: English Muslima cries discrimination when told to remove her hijab in order to teach at English school ‘To have them suggest that British parents or an English school wouldn’t want… Continue Reading

Canada: Police investigating ‘Islamophobic’ depiction of silhouette Muhammad

Follow @TheCircumvent What exactly is Islamophobic about Muhammad repeating two conservative ideas? The fact that the ideas are based in right-of-center politics? That doesn’t have anything to do with Islam. What about this Saudi Arabian sheikh’s tweet? Saudi Arabian sheikh… Continue Reading

Canada: Questionnaire used by police to screen Muslim asylum seeker sentiments on ISIS and hijabs is discontinued

Follow @TheCircumvent “But what possible purpose could someone’s opinion about female employment or religious head coverings have to bear on an assessment of risk?” Oh I don’t know. Why don’t you ask (list taken from Robert Spencer) “Aqsa Parvez, whose Muslim… Continue Reading