Pakistan: 6 Christians charged with blasphemy for insulting Islamic poetry that praises Muhammad

Follow @TheCircumvent ICC, February 26, 2018. (Archive link) International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that six Christians from Elahiabad, a town located near Faisalabad, were charged with committing blasphemy on Friday, February 23. Following the blasphemy accusations, a majority of… Continue Reading

Pakistan: Christian teen accused of blasphemy arrested to appease Muslim mobs

Follow @TheCircumvent Yet another case of Muslim tolerance toward 1) non-Muslims, and 2) statements made against their prophet. March 6, 2018: ‘They beat him with computer wires and slapped and punched him‘ February 27: ‘Recommended departmental action against four interrogators‘… Continue Reading

Pakistan: Religious parties praise ‘heroes’ and ‘warriors of Islam’ who lynched student accused of blasphemy

Follow @TheCircumvent Read the genesis of the story. A portion of the original story, highlighting Muslim tolerance of others with different views: Mardan’s Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Mohammad Alam Shinwari said the deceased student, Mashal, had been accused… Continue Reading

‘Moderate’ Indonesia: Pastor charged with blasphemy over quoting Qur’an, claiming Muhammad didn’t follow his own teachings

Follow @TheCircumvent The Qur’an allows Muslims to only have four wives (Qur’an 4:3); Muhammad had thirteen wives, eleven at the same time. Muhammad was even described as a “womanizer” (at-Tabari IX:139). Of course, pointing out this logical inconsistencies in Islam… Continue Reading

India: Police file criminal case against Twitter user who posted ‘blasphemous’ remarks against Muhammad’s daughter

Follow @TheCircumvent Siasat News, November 20, 2017. Police Dabeerpura registered a criminal case under section 295 (A) of IPC against a person who had posted blasphemous remarks against Hazrat Bibi Fatima. According to the details, the members of Shia sect of the Muslims made… Continue Reading

UAE: Man arrested for ‘blasphemous’ Facebook cartoon of Muhammad with ‘offensive remark’

Follow @TheCircumvent The agent described the cartoon in prosecution records and explained the extremely offensive remark targeting the Prophet’s family matters coupled with misleading statements attributed to the Prophet…. Family matters? Like his child bride Aisha washing off his semen?… Continue Reading

Pakistan: Committee to be formed to monitor and block blasphemous web content

Follow @TheCircumvent October 25: “The National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication was informed that the Pakistan Telecom Authority had takenaction against 188 websites for uploading blasphemous material.” Dawn, October 25, 2017. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Tuesday told the National Assembly Standing… Continue Reading