Pakistan: Christian teen accused of blasphemy arrested to appease Muslim mobs

Follow @TheCircumvent Yet another case of Muslim tolerance toward 1) non-Muslims, and 2) statements made against their prophet. March 6, 2018: ‘They beat him with computer wires and slapped and punched him‘ February 27: ‘Recommended departmental action against four interrogators‘… Continue Reading

UK: Terror plotting Muslim says it’s OK to watch bomb-making and beheading videos since Facebook didn’t delete them

Follow @TheCircumvent Another indictment of Facebook, when instead of removing beheading videos, they remove other stuff: Facebook deletes Australian imam’s page for criticizing ISIS and Jihadis Facebook bans RAF’s charity disability campaign but allows ISIS beheading videos to stay Facebook… Continue Reading

(Updated) UK: Muslim showed beheading video to child and ‘claimed Islamic State were not bad people’

Follow @TheCircumvent Zameer Ghumra allegedly “brainwashed” two primary-school age youngsters, instructing them not to have non-Muslim friends and asking if they wanted to join the Muslim extremists. Non-Muslim friends? What does the Qur’an say about that? “O you who believe!… Continue Reading