New Zealand: Radicalized teen convert to Islam plotted mass vehicular and stabbing jihad ‘for Allah’

Follow @TheCircumvent Another “peaceful” convert to Islam… Stuff, February 16, 2018. A Kiwi teenager radicalised online planned to ram a car into a group of people in Christchurch and then stab them. The teenager wrote a goodbye note to his… Continue Reading

Philadelphia: Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS who shot police officer tells judge he won’t ‘plead to anyone but Allah’

Follow @TheCircumvent January 31: ‘Thought of Allah’ as he pulled trigger AP, January 25, 2018. A man accused of ambushing a Philadelphia police officer with a hail of gunfire in the name of the Islamic State group refused to cooperate… Continue Reading

Austria: Survey finds 44% of female Muslim asylum seekers are opposed to shaking men’s hands

Follow @TheCircumvent h/t TROP Voice of Europe, January 14, 2018. A new research by Professor Ednan Aslan has revealed some shocking insights. The professor, whose speciality is religious education at the University of Vienna, asked Muslim asylum seekers in the… Continue Reading

Israel: Palestinian man stabs Israeli security guard, wrote on Facebook that he hoped to ‘raise the banner’ for ‘Allah’s sake’

Follow @TheCircumvent January 1, 2018: Case study: The Palestinian shaheed culture and its Influence on terrorism December 28: The indictment indicated that the terrorist was inspired to carry out the attack by his education in a Palestinian Authority school. December 10:… Continue Reading

(Updated) Michigan terror: Police officer stabbed in neck by Tunisian Muslim wielding 12″ knife shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

Follow @TheCircumvent March 21, 2018: Faces terrorism charge January 18, 2018: ‘Attorneys are asking a judge to drop one of the two charges against a man who is accused of stabbing a police officer at a Michigan airport.’ (Detroit Free… Continue Reading

Germany: Spy at BfV agency said he would help with attack on agency because it was ‘in line with Allah’s will’

Follow @TheCircumvent Jihadis always have “psychological issues.” For being a spy, he sure did know the jihadi lexicon — “Allah’s will.” September 19: Ex-porn star intel agent who became Islamist agitator sentenced in Germany Newsweek, September 6, 2017. Last year,… Continue Reading

(Video) California: Imam prays for annihilation of Jews, and calls to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque from their ‘filth’

Follow @TheCircumvent September 13: Residents ask council to denounce imam’s hateful words August 29, 2017: California Imam Exposed By MEMRI Retracts His Antisemitic Statements (CAMERA, July 28): After a California imam repeatedly targeted “the Jews” in a sermon, the Sacramento Bee published a… Continue Reading