Government report: Iranian mosques in Austria, Germany slam women and Israel

Follow @TheCircumvent General mosque practices. Nothing to see here. Jerusalem Post, October 6, 2017. Iranian regime-controlled mosques in Vienna and Hamburg promote genocidal antisemitism against Israel, while the Imam Ali mosque in the Austrian capital propagates discrimination against women, according… Continue Reading

(Updated) UK: Imam surprised by his own sermons supporting ISIS, telling listeners to wage jihad at charity funded mosque

Follow @TheCircumvent September 28: Hate-preaching Stoke-on-Trent imam who encouraged terrorism to be sentenced at Old Bailey September 22: Imam guilty of supporting Islamic State group The Sentinel, September 14, 2017. An imam accused of telling children as young as three to become… Continue Reading

(Updated) Switzerland: Refugee hate preacher received $620K in social benefits

Follow @TheCircumvent October 6: Muslim preacher also delivered ‘hate’ sermons in Libya September 29: Muslim ‘hate preacher’ has right to Swiss asylum revoked (, September 1) Swiss hate preacher ‘Imam’ says his prayer to ‘destroy the enemies of our religion’ was mistranslated This… Continue Reading