Wales: Imam ‘abused children at mosque’ over many years; offered boy lollipops before sexual assault

Follow @TheCircumvent The Circumvent has documented many stories showing the sexual frustration of the Muslim world. Wales: Mosque teacher jailed for sexually assaulting children; shows no remorse Pakistan: 2 Muslim men sexually assault 13-y/o boy after getting him drunk Pakistan: Muslim cleric arrested… Continue Reading

In Friday sermon in Jerusalem, sheikh promises: We will storm your White House, capture your land

Follow @TheCircumvent Related: Hamas official to Trump: Palestine will be your graveyard MEMRI TV, December 22, 2017. Sheikh “Abu Qusay” delivered a Friday sermon in Jerusalem, in which he addressed the “dweller of the White House” and said: “We will storm… Continue Reading

(Video) Lebanese-American imam: Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is ‘acknowledging a Satanic holiday’

Follow @TheCircumvent The Muslim Ebeneezer Scrooge. He’s certainly not the only one: Khaled Al-Felaij, a Saudi cleric, recently lambasted Christmas[16] on a message posted to the internet: “These holidays that are celebrated by those infidel Jews and Christians are false, and run counter… Continue Reading

(Video) Mosque sermon: Imam prays that Allah will grant martyrdom at Al-Aqsa Mosque, calls Jews apes and pigs

Follow @TheCircumvent December 27, 2017: Imam finally apologizes for calling Jews ‘apes and pigs’ December 21: Mainstream media wait 1 week to report…. December 18, 2017: Suspended without pay for 1 month December 15, 2017: Sent for ‘restraining’ For the… Continue Reading

Texas imam on Facebook: ‘Oh Allah destroy the Zionists and their allies’

Follow @TheCircumvent IPT News, December 8, 2017. A Texas-based imam called for Israel’s destruction in a recorded prayer posted to his Facebook page Thursday. While Sheikh Ramadan Elsabagh does not mention President Trump’s proclamation Wednesday recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and starting the process… Continue Reading

Russia: Imam caught justifying terrorism during prayer in mosque seeks to overturn prison sentence

Follow @TheCircumvent Rapsi News, December 5, 2017. Moscow imam Makhmud Velitov, convicted of justifying terrorism, has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court’s Presidium seeking to overturn the sentence, his lawyer Dagir Khasavov told RAPSI on Tuesday. “Presidium of the… Continue Reading