Somalian ISIS supporters: Take advantage of drunken unbelievers, attack churches and markets

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Mail Online, December 26, 2017. ISIS-affiliated fighters in Somalia have called on their supporters to pounce on drunk nonbelievers in a harrowing call for festive season attacks. A group that monitors extremist organizations says the Islamic… Continue Reading

Following Egypt, Pakistan, and Indonesia, France to deploy 100K police and soldiers over holidays

Follow @TheCircumvent AP, December 24, 2017. France’s government is deploying nearly 100,000 police and soldiers for the holiday season as fears of extremist attacks remain high. The additional security will focus on Christmas markets, shopping centres, religious buildings, public transport… Continue Reading

California: FBI arrest Muslim planning Christmas day attack, who was ready to become a ‘martyr’ for Allah

Follow @TheCircumvent December 22: Cited Trump’s Jerusalem embassy move… Update: “agents recovered at suspect’s home – letter, last will & testament, firearms and rounds” December 22: “I’m glad to know we Muslims are finally hitting back. Allahu Akbar! The Kuffar… Continue Reading

Indonesia: Islamist group threatens to raid businesses to check for Muslims wearing Santa hats

Follow @TheCircumvent We’ve come to another Christmas in Indonesia. The Circumvent noted in December 2016: Police in Indonesia “escorted Islam Defenders Front (FPI) members…as they raided shopping malls”[4] checking to make sure no companies had the audacity to have their employees wearing… Continue Reading

British Muslim boxer gets death threats for Instagram photo of Christmas tree

Follow @TheCircumvent Right on cue: the yearly Muslim death threats, the yearly Muslim’s calling Christmas a Satanic holiday. In 2016, The Circumvent noted another Instagram photo of a Christmas tree: Safaa, sister to former One Direction singer, Zayn, posted a picture… Continue Reading

(Video) Lebanese-American imam: Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is ‘acknowledging a Satanic holiday’

Follow @TheCircumvent The Muslim Ebeneezer Scrooge. He’s certainly not the only one: Khaled Al-Felaij, a Saudi cleric, recently lambasted Christmas[16] on a message posted to the internet: “These holidays that are celebrated by those infidel Jews and Christians are false, and run counter… Continue Reading

Newest ISIS threat: Propaganda poster shows jihadi draped in bullet belt walking towards Oxford Street

Follow @TheCircumvent December 4: Ahead Of Holidays, ISIS Supporters Circulate Yet Another Call For Attacks In West December 4: ISIS Supporter Calls For Attacks In The West During Christian Holidays Daily Mail Online, December 4, 2017. ISIS has made another threat to Christmas shoppers in London with… Continue Reading