Egypt mosque attack: As children screamed, terrorists shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’

Follow @TheCircumvent December 7, 2017: ISIS Supporters Fabricate Christian Claim Of Responsibility For Sinai Mosque Attack, Then Threaten Retaliation Against Christians In Egypt Blame the Jews: November 24, 2017: New Jersey imam: ISIS? Don’t Be Ridiculous! This Could Only Have Been… Continue Reading

Al-Azhar professor sparks outrage by saying necrophilia between spouses not a sin

Follow @TheCircumvent Egypt Independent, September 18, 2017. Head of Al-Azhar University, Mohamed Hussein, decided on Sunday to refer Al-Azhar professor Sabri Abdul Raeuf to investigation over recent his recent necrophilia ‘fatwā’ [Islamic legal opinion], that generated massive outrage and controversy… Continue Reading