Report: Islamists who support terrorists and demonize gays and Jews sent into universities under guise of fighting ‘Islamophobia’

Follow @TheCircumvent All this while 55% of universities in the UK censor speech and ban speakers. This same think tank, the Henry Jackson Society, also found that, as reported by the Daily Mail in September 2017, [r]adical Islamic speakers have… Continue Reading

UK: Illegal Afghan Muslim who falsely claimed he was minor jailed for life for raping pregnant woman at knife point

Follow @TheCircumvent Observe, the state of the UK. Raymond Ibrahim, writing at the Gatestone Institute, has shown that non-Muslim women are regarded as spoils of war and can be used for sex. His article cites a Voice of Europe report that lists many European women… Continue Reading

While women protest against mandatory hijab in Iran, Foreign Office has staff don them for World Hijab Day

Follow @TheCircumvent Westerners promoting what even Middle Eastern women despise: Mandatory covering. Covering up is mandated in the Qur’an, and women who don’t cover up experience harassment, violence, or death. In Canada, a Muslim father was accused of “honor-based” violence against his… Continue Reading