Exclusive — Newly appointed Muslim official at the Scotland Yard accused officers of intolerance to cover up her own job performance

Follow @TheCircumvent According to a Guardian article from 2005, Shabnam Chaudhri had made a complaint against three Met police officers for making fun of Muslims during a race relations training course. The three officers described it as “a witchhunt motivated by political… Continue Reading

Associated Press investigation: Sexual abuse is a pervasive problem at Islamic schools in Pakistan

Follow @TheCircumvent The Circumvent has documented many stories showing the sexual frustration of the Muslim world. Wales: Mosque teacher jailed for sexually assaulting children; shows no remorse Imam arrested for attempted child rape, biting of 8-y/o girl India: 50-y/o Imam sexually… Continue Reading

Pakistan: Police arrest 40-y/o man for trying to marry 10-y/o girl

Follow @TheCircumvent Concerning “vani”: “Vani is a cultural custom found in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan whereby a young girl is forcibly married as part of punishment for a crime committed by her male relatives.” Concerning child marriage in Islam, if Muhammad had a nine-year-old… Continue Reading

UK: Pakistani doctor molests Muslim student nurse then blames ‘different cultural norms’ of the UK

Follow @TheCircumvent The cultural differences are vast. How vast? In the UK, a government audit revealed that “Pakistani women in Britain are ‘shockingly badly integrated’ and ‘living in an entirely different society.’ Here are two cultural norms that are foreign… Continue Reading

Pakistan: Committee to be formed to monitor and block blasphemous web content

Follow @TheCircumvent October 25: “The National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication was informed that the Pakistan Telecom Authority had takenaction against 188 websites for uploading blasphemous material.” Dawn, October 25, 2017. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Tuesday told the National Assembly Standing… Continue Reading