Sweden: Police investigate pro-Palestinian org’s demonstration where activists said Jews were ‘offspring of apes and pigs’

Follow @TheCircumvent Poll: 93% of Palestinians hold anti-Jewish beliefs Austria: Half of Muslim youth hold antisemitic views German study: Over 50% of Muslim refugees hold antisemitic views Muslim antisemitism is because of the demonization of Jews in their Qur’an. As… Continue Reading

Israel: Palestinian terrorist repeatedly stabs Israeli in supermarket; victim improves days after attack

Follow @TheCircumvent (JTA, August 6) Israeli man seriously wounded in supermarket attack regains consciousness (Ynet News, August 3) Yavne terror victim’s condition stabilizes, but battle for life continues (The Times of Israel, August 3) As victim’s condition stabilizes, IDF raids Yavneh terrorist’s hometown… Continue Reading

Palestinian Christian prays next to Muslims, stands in ‘solidarity with our Palestinian issue against the (Israeli) occupation’

Follow @TheCircumvent From Ramon Bennett’s excellent book Philistine: The Great Deception: And from personal experience, and also from the numerous statements I have read, the great majority of Palestinian Christian-Arabs are very pro-PLO. It might seem totally ludicrous to my… Continue Reading

Israel: Arab terrorist carried Qur’an, purified himself with water before killing 3 Israelis (Halamish)

Follow @TheCircumvent (Arutz Sheva, August 16) IDF confirms: Home of Halamish terrorist demolished (MiDA, July 26) Radical Left-Wing Ha’aretz Columnist Gideon Levi Justifies Terrorism, Again (PMW, July 27) PA TV presents murderer who slaughtered 3 as compassionate (Jerusalem Post, July 27) Netanyahu favors… Continue Reading

(Updated) Temple Mt crisis: Israel removes metal detectors; Abbas: Security coordination w/ Israel to remain frozen

Follow @TheCircumvent This is a continuous story and is being updated as it develops. (Jerusalem Post, July 30) Netanyahu speaks about his decision to remove security measures (Jerusalem Post, July 28) Temple Mount prayers conclude peacefully, clashes reported in West Bank… Continue Reading