Iran: Prosecutor promises to ‘take action’ against all involved with pop concert where men and women danced

Follow @TheCircumvent Two Islamic scholars concerning dancing: Dr. Su’ad Salih, professor of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) at al-Azhar University: Islam is a religion of moderation; it does not prevent singing and dancing, but it forbids anything that stimulates people’s desires, whether it be among… Continue Reading

Iran: Muslima who removed her mandatory hijab in public is sentenced to 2 years in prison

Follow @TheCircumvent Islam is feminism, right? While CNN encourages Americans to wear the hijab in solidarity with Muslims, Muslim women in the Middle East are taking it off in protest. They are stripping off and burning their burqas. The hijab is ultimately to diminish women’s… Continue Reading

Report: Christians in Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, experience abduction, forced conversion and marriage, false accusations, death threats

Follow @TheCircumvent Christian Post, February 23, 2018. (Archive link) A groundbreaking new report by watchdog group Christian Solidarity Worldwide has exposed the atrocities Christian children face at school in several countries, from being forcibly converted to other faiths to being… Continue Reading

Germany: 63-y/o Iranian asylum seeker arrested for molesting young children at swimming pool

Follow @TheCircumvent Breitbart London, December 13, 2017. A 63-year-old Iranian asylum seeker was arrested in the German town of Öhringen after being accused of sexually molesting three young children including a seven-year-old boy. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, is said… Continue Reading