Indonesia: Islamist group threatens to raid businesses to check for Muslims wearing Santa hats

Follow @TheCircumvent We’ve come to another Christmas in Indonesia. The Circumvent noted in December 2016: Police in Indonesia “escorted Islam Defenders Front (FPI) members…as they raided shopping malls”[4] checking to make sure no companies had the audacity to have their employees wearing… Continue Reading

‘Moderate’ Indonesia: Pastor charged with blasphemy over quoting Qur’an, claiming Muhammad didn’t follow his own teachings

Follow @TheCircumvent The Qur’an allows Muslims to only have four wives (Qur’an 4:3); Muhammad had thirteen wives, eleven at the same time. Muhammad was even described as a “womanizer” (at-Tabari IX:139). Of course, pointing out this logical inconsistencies in Islam… Continue Reading

Indonesia: Muslim groups force Christian church to cancel Reformation celebration for fears of evangelizing

Follow @TheCircumvent Prime time Muslim tolerance of other faiths. Christian Daily, October 28, 2017. A Christian church in Indonesia has been forced to cancel its Reformation celebration after a Muslim group complained that they could be planning to evangelize to… Continue Reading

Top Indonesian Muslim scholar: ‘Stop pretending that extremism and terrorism have nothing to do with Islam’

Follow @TheCircumvent [ISIS’s] goal of establishing a global caliphate stands squarely within the orthodox Islamic tradition. Lots of good nuggets in here. Time, September 7, 2017. Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim-majority country, has a constitution that recognizes other major religions,… Continue Reading

Indonesia: Police to reopen blasphemy case against professor for ‘Allah is not Arabic’ Facebook post

Follow @TheCircumvent The Jakarta Post, September 6, 2017. The Jakarta Police are set to reopen an investigation into a case of alleged blasphemy involving University of Indonesia (UI) lecturer Ade Armando following a South Jakarta District Court ruling on Monday. The… Continue Reading