Indonesia: Islamic university bans niqab to prevent Islamic radicalism, threatens violators with expulsion

Follow @TheCircumvent However, Yudian’s justification for enforcing the policy is not due to practical reasons, such as preventing identity fraud. Instead it seems be driven (rather ironically for an Islamic university) by the idea, held by many Islamophobes, that the… Continue Reading

Indonesia: Islamist group threatens to raid businesses to check for Muslims wearing Santa hats

Follow @TheCircumvent We’ve come to another Christmas in Indonesia. The Circumvent noted in December 2016: Police in Indonesia “escorted Islam Defenders Front (FPI) members…as they raided shopping malls”[4] checking to make sure no companies had the audacity to have their employees wearing… Continue Reading

‘Moderate’ Indonesia: Pastor charged with blasphemy over quoting Qur’an, claiming Muhammad didn’t follow his own teachings

Follow @TheCircumvent The Qur’an allows Muslims to only have four wives (Qur’an 4:3); Muhammad had thirteen wives, eleven at the same time. Muhammad was even described as a “womanizer” (at-Tabari IX:139). Of course, pointing out this logical inconsistencies in Islam… Continue Reading

Indonesia: Muslim groups force Christian church to cancel Reformation celebration for fears of evangelizing

Follow @TheCircumvent Prime time Muslim tolerance of other faiths. Christian Daily, October 28, 2017. A Christian church in Indonesia has been forced to cancel its Reformation celebration after a Muslim group complained that they could be planning to evangelize to… Continue Reading