(Video) Australia: Islamic preacher tells Muslim parents not to let children listen to music on way to mosque

http://video.dailymail.co.uk/preview/mol/2017/10/10/1892614103960501649/636x382_MP4_1892614103960501649.mp4 Daily Mail Australia, October 10, 2017. An Islamic preacher from western Sydney has slammed Muslim parents for playing music to their children on the way to the mosque and allowing them to dance at home. Sunni fundamentalist morals campaigner… Continue Reading

(Updated) Islamist extremist who wants ex-Muslims killed invited to Sydney University religion debate

Follow @TheCircumvent September 17: Islamist extremist tells university students ex-Muslims should be killed under Sharia law during debate with atheist who feared for his safety (Daily Mail Australia, September 13) ‘This is outrageous and a step towards normalising extremism and terrorism’: Islamic… Continue Reading

(Video) Muslim leader says homosexuality is forbidden; votes ‘no’ on gay marriage

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Mail Australia, September 11, 2017. http://video.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2017/09/11/684765162819306847/640x360_MP4_684765162819306847.mp4 A Muslim leader has likened homosexuality to alcohol and adultery only two weeks after admitting he was afraid to offend his left-wing supporters by opposing gay marriage. Islamic Council of Queensland… Continue Reading

(Video) Australia: Sunni group denounces Sydney — ‘sex before marriage’ and ‘mixed schools’ are haram

Follow @TheCircumvent http://video.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2017/09/10/6649316607184159225/640x360_MP4_6649316607184159225.mp4 Daily Mail Australia, September 10, 2017. A Muslim group has denounced Sydney residents for having sex before marriage and allowing children to attend mixed-gender schools. The Sunni fundamentalist AlKauthar Institute has made a video, featuring a man… Continue Reading