Australia: Pamphlets that show Muslim father beating child and wife are accused of ‘spreading false information’

Follow @TheCircumvent If showing a Muslim man beating his child and wife is “spreading false information,” then why is Australia going to issue migrants a ‘Life in Australia’ handbook to remind them to avoid beating their children or their wife?… Continue Reading

Lebanon: Radicalized Muslim teen arrested for trying to join ISIS, become suicide bomber

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Mail Australia, Australian Associated Press, November 4, 2017. An Australian teenager who was arrested in Lebanon was allegedly getting ready to become a suicide bomber. The 18-year-old, known only by the initial A.M. was detained by security… Continue Reading

(Video) Australia: Islamic preacher tells Muslim parents not to let children listen to music on way to mosque Daily Mail Australia, October 10, 2017. An Islamic preacher from western Sydney has slammed Muslim parents for playing music to their children on the way to the mosque and allowing them to dance at home. Sunni fundamentalist morals campaigner… Continue Reading