Australia: Iraqi refugee with 15-year criminal history and serious risk of re-offending avoids deportation

Follow @TheCircumvent, March 13, 2018. (Archive link) A drug-addicted Iraqi refugee with an “impressive” 15-year criminal history, an “apparent inability to work” and a “significant risk” of reoffending has been spared deportation. The ruling came after the Administrative Appeals… Continue Reading

Ex-Muslima: Mother said I looked like a ‘whore’ for wanting to remove niqab in public

Follow @TheCircumvent Covering up is mandated in the Qur’an, and women who don’t cover up experience harassment, violence, or death. In Canada, a Muslim father was accused of “honor-based” violence against his daughter, for failing to wear her hijab in public. Many… Continue Reading

Australia: Would-be Islamic terrorist would not hesitate to shoot and kill a baby during jihad

Follow @TheCircumvent In a May 17 meeting with the pair, Khaja said his motivation for carrying out an attack “doesn’t come from watching YouTube videos or anything, it comes straight from the verses of Quran”. And there you have it!… Continue Reading

Effects of terrorism — Speakers to broadcast terror warning in event of Melbourne city attack

Follow @TheCircumvent December 28: Australian police test emergency speakers following vehicle attacks Newburgh Gazette, December 11, 2017. A network of loudspeakers across Melbourne’s CBD to warn people during terrorist attacks or emergencies is nearly three quarters complete. Four men are waiting… Continue Reading

Australia: Pamphlets that show Muslim father beating child and wife are accused of ‘spreading false information’

Follow @TheCircumvent If showing a Muslim man beating his child and wife is “spreading false information,” then why is Australia going to issue migrants a ‘Life in Australia’ handbook to remind them to avoid beating their children or their wife?… Continue Reading

Lebanon: Radicalized Muslim teen arrested for trying to join ISIS, become suicide bomber

Follow @TheCircumvent Daily Mail Australia, Australian Associated Press, November 4, 2017. An Australian teenager who was arrested in Lebanon was allegedly getting ready to become a suicide bomber. The 18-year-old, known only by the initial A.M. was detained by security… Continue Reading