Italy: 24-y/o man arrested for preparing pipe bomb, praised jihadi who killed 8 in New York

Follow @TheCircumvent Reuters, March 15, 2018. (Archive link) Italian police, acting on a tip from the FBI, said today they had arrested a 24-year-old man suspected of preparing a pipe bomb. A statement said the man, an Italian citizen of… Continue Reading

UK: Terror plotting Muslim says it’s OK to watch bomb-making and beheading videos since Facebook didn’t delete them

Follow @TheCircumvent Another indictment of Facebook, when instead of removing beheading videos, they remove other stuff: Facebook deletes Australian imam’s page for criticizing ISIS and Jihadis Facebook bans RAF’s charity disability campaign but allows ISIS beheading videos to stay Facebook… Continue Reading

ISIS ‘bucket bomb’ instruction video still on Google, similar to bomb used in Parsons Green attack

Follow @TheCircumvent Read more: The Sun, September 19 Daily Mirror, September 19, 2017. A horrific ISIS instruction video showing how to make deadly bomb like the one believed to have been used in the failed Parsons Green attack can STILL be found… Continue Reading