Sweden: Police investigate pro-Palestinian org’s demonstration where activists said Jews were ‘offspring of apes and pigs’

Follow @TheCircumvent Poll: 93% of Palestinians hold anti-Jewish beliefs Austria: Half of Muslim youth hold antisemitic views German study: Over 50% of Muslim refugees hold antisemitic views Muslim antisemitism is because of the demonization of Jews in their Qur’an. As… Continue Reading

(Video) California: Imam prays for annihilation of Jews, and calls to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque from their ‘filth’

Follow @TheCircumvent (CAMERA, July 28): After a California imam repeatedly targeted “the Jews” in a sermon, the Sacramento Bee published a story questioning whether the rhetoric was anti-Semitic, but concealed some of the imam’s most inflammatory remarks. (WND, July 27) Calls for… Continue Reading

US Jewish group: Anti-Semitism on rise in Berlin schools, especially from those with Arabic or Turkish backgrounds

Follow @TheCircumvent The authors admitted that the study was not a comprehensive and representative investigation, but they said it showed an empirical trend. Indeed: Muslim extremists drive anti-semitic violence in Europe Austria: Half of Muslim youth hold antisemitic views German… Continue Reading