Hijabi quits The Voice after her antisemitic and pro-Palestine social media posts are discovered

Follow @TheCircumvent In her 2016 remarks Ibtissem, the show’s first contender to perform while wearing a Muslim head covering, wrote following the murder of a priest in Saint-Etienne-du Rouvray by an Islamist that “the real terrorist[s] are our government.” Well, isn’t that a… Continue Reading

L’Oreal hijab model tweeted that Israel is full of ‘child murderers,’ is ‘sinister’ and ‘illegal’ state

Follow @TheCircumvent The question remains: Will the mainstream media outlets that trumpeted her “making history” also report on this? January 25: HuffPo: Minorities with antisemitic views shouldn’t be punished for airing them View the tweets (thanks to Israellycool) Jerusalem Post,… Continue Reading

Austria: While Palestinians chant ‘Death to Jews,’ police fine Jewish students for displaying Israeli flags

Follow @TheCircumvent A peak example of the current state. Jewish Journal, January 9, 2018. A group of Jewish students in Vienna were fined on Monday for displaying an Israeli flag during a pro-Palestinian protest on December 8. According to Antonia… Continue Reading

Former ‘sociology and social justice’ hijabi student calls Israeli Arabs ‘rats’ and ‘cowards’ at Zionist event

Follow @TheCircumvent A victim of the Left’s lies, probably through campus indoctrin– I mean, education. Free Beacon, October 25, 2017. Campus police at the University of Minnesota were called Tuesday evening to arrest a protester when she refused to end… Continue Reading

(Video) Hamas official: Those involved in normalization with Israel will go to hell with apes and pigs (Jews)

Follow @TheCircumvent Muslim antisemitism is because of the demonization of Jews in their Qur’an. As Robert Spencer has listed out: [T]he Qur’an depicts the Jews as fabricating things and falsely ascribing them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181), denying Allah’s power (5:64);… Continue Reading

Hamas: No more discussion on recognition of Israel, discussion is ‘when we will wipe out Israel’

Follow @TheCircumvent Arutz Sheva, October 20, 2017. A senior Hamas leader denounced demands by the Trump administration that the terror group be disarmed, and that its leadership must recognize the State of Israel following the reconciliation agreement between the Palestinian… Continue Reading

Government report: Iranian mosques in Austria, Germany slam women and Israel

Follow @TheCircumvent General mosque practices. Nothing to see here. Jerusalem Post, October 6, 2017. Iranian regime-controlled mosques in Vienna and Hamburg promote genocidal antisemitism against Israel, while the Imam Ali mosque in the Austrian capital propagates discrimination against women, according… Continue Reading

Professor at Egyptian university suspended for 3 months after anti-Islam Facebook posts discovered

Follow @TheCircumvent Egypt Independent, August 23, 2017. Dr Maher al-Maghraby, professor of Psychiatry, is the subject of an investigation by a disciplinary board at Zaqaziq University, after the discovery of anti-Islam posts on his Facebook page, Faculty of Medicine at… Continue Reading