France: Jihadi shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ in knife attack, killing 1; ISIS claim responsibility

“Our terrorist enemies have struck again. We are more united and determined than ever in facing them.” So was the note in the condolence book that President Macron left at the British embassy in Paris, to commemorate those who died in the jihad attack on an Ariana Grande concert in 2017.

This is the President who has said, “terrorism is part of our daily lives for years to come,” and who “slammed Marine Le Pen’s proposal to arrest radical Islamists saying it would be counter-productive to intelligence efforts.”

How will France be at the forefront of fighting terror, again?

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AFP, Times of Israel, May 12, 2018. (Archive link)

A knifeman shouting “Allahu akbar” killed one person and injured several more before being shot dead by police in central Paris late Saturday.

Police said the attacker’s motives were still unknown and prosecutors launched a terror probe. The Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the SITE monitoring group.

The attack took place near the city’s main opera house in an area full of bars, restaurants and theatres which were brimming on a weekend night.

French President Emmanuel Macron said: “France once again pays the price of blood.”

The man attacked five people with a knife, one of whom died, police said. Two were in serious condition and all the victims were hospitalized.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb hailed in a tweet the “sang-froid and reaction of the police who neutralised the attacker.”

A large area was cordoned-off where police, fire and rescue vehicles converged.

Shocked tourists and residents looked on from behind the security perimeter….