While media and CAIR trumpet spike in ‘Islamophobia,’ Islamophobia Observatory Report shows it is on a decreasing trend

What’s this? Islamophobia on the decline? It can’t be so, CAIR just released a report that said hate crimes against Muslims are up 15%. I guess someone needs to liaison between the OIC and CAIR.

Even so, CAIR does not mention that Jews in America, since 1992, are the primary victims of religious hate crimes.

A decline in ‘Islamophobia’ makes sense, really, considering that a poll published by the Arab American Institute showed, as reported by Newsweek, “[j]ust over 50 percent of Americans hold favorable views of both Arabs and American Muslims.”

Of course, if there is declining Islamophobia, the ‘general situation’ or the status quo always has to be worrisome. The Islamophobes are out in full force, preparing to strike at a moment’s notice.

Daily Sabah, April 30, 2018. (Archive link)

For quite some time, Islamophobia has been growing strongly in the West and has continued to take root through intensive campaigns and public discourses disseminating the fear of Islam, and through a significant number of incidents targeting Muslims, mosques, Islamic centers, Islamic attire, and Islam’s sacred symbols. Reports and evidence reveal that negative sentiments toward Islam and Muslims keep expanding in the minds of mainstream Westerners, through mistrust toward Islam and its adherents. Particularly during the last few years, Islamophobia has reached an intractable point as it continues to grow, despite up-and-down indicators from time to time.

However, the 11th Islamophobia Observatory Report of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which covers the period from July 2017 to April 2018, describes a decreasing trend of Islamophobia, indicated by the number of incidents, which was much lower compared to those at the last trimester of 2016, or at the first trimester of 2017.

The report will be presented at the 45th Council of Foreign Ministers Conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh on May 5-6, 2018. The report highlights the trends influencing the decline of Islamophobia, intolerance, and discrimination against Muslims in the U.S. and Europe, which were always at the top of the Hotspot List— but are now moving towards significant improvement despite the remaining ‘worrisome’ overall situation.


The report also presents a set of recommendations that proposes some steps and actions to be taken by the OIC as well as by the relevant stakeholders including member states.

The report concludes that, despite its declining pattern, the overall situation of Islamophobia remains alarming. Hence, it requires serious actions at international and national levels. Collective and worldwide endeavor to combat Islamophobia is expected to minimize its negative impacts on social life based on tolerance and peaceful coexistence.