Swedish woman raped and abused by Muslim migrants after setting out to prove they are harmless

Even Swedish skeptics on immigrants ties to crime will contend that migrants are over represented in sexual crimes. Sweden’s justice minister, who “rejected a proposal by the Moderate party to record the ethnic backgrounds of sex attackers” contends that “Minority groups are often overrepresented in crime statistics” before poo pooing it by citing “socioeconomic factors.”

In November (2017), it was reported that a “private 80-page investigation” conducted from an everyday citizen showed that “that men of foreign descent are largely over-represented in sexual assaults”:

By his own admission, Patrik Jonasson surveyed 4,142 rulings regarding sex-related crimes passed by 40 Swedish courts between 2012 and 2014. The study, which took several months to compile, indicated that a whopping 95.6 percent of rapes and 90 percent of group rapes had been committed by men of foreign descent.

Even a critic of the study, Jerzy Sarnecki, a professor of general criminology at Stockholm University, “[d]espite calling the study ‘angled’ … nevertheless admitted that immigrants made up a disproportionate number in several types of crimes, including sexual assaults.”

A Swedish lawyer, Elisabeth Fritz, gives credence to these claims, stating that “in the majority of rape cases she has had to work on the suspects have been individuals from migrant backgrounds.

Even so, a 55-year-old man in Sweden was fined for writing on Facebook that “Sunni Muslims account for a lot of the gang-related crimes and rapes committed in Sweden.”

It will be interesting to see if this woman’s views change on the subject of migrant deportations after this ordeal, recounted below.

Raymond Ibrahim, writing at the Gatestone Institute, has shown that non-Muslim women are regarded as spoils of war and can be used for sex. His article cites a Voice of Europe report that lists many European women being raped specifically by migrants. The Qur’an does sanction the taking of non-Muslim women to be used for sex (as we see from the Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30).

Voice of Europe, April 24, 2018.

A middle-aged Swedish woman was raped and abused by two Afghan asylum seekers in their asylum accommodation, Fria Tider reports. The woman, who was a member of a Facebook group against migrant deportations, tried to prove that xenophobes are wrong about the fact that Afghans are dangerous.

The woman was raped and harassed on 26 December last year. She wanted to meet someone during a night out and when she was unsuccessful, decided to go with the two Afghan men, she told the police.

She met the two unaccompanied refugees from Afghanistan outside a pub and decided to accompany them to their asylum centre in Ljungby.

The woman, a member of an anti-deportation group, told police: “I have never been afraid or worried about people from other countries” and “I thought it was quite interesting to talk with them”.

When they arrived at the men’s room in the asylum accommodation, things changed rapidly. They drank alcohol and one of the men started touching her, even though she told him she didn’t want him to and against her repeated protests.

Later, one of the men, called Anwar, raped her vaginally and anally, while the other masturbated next to her. It was a very painful experience she said.

After getting away the woman called the police. The two Afghans were arrested and were convicted last week by the Växjö District Court….