Despite wearing burqa, Pakistani actress was groped by 2 men, says she was told it is ‘a really common thing’

This further confirms the testimony from hijabis which shows that “sexual harassment knows no dress code.”

Business Recorder, April 23, 2018. (Archive link)

Soon after Pakistani actress/singer Meesha Shafi shared her sexual harassment incident in the wake of the worldwide #METOO campaign, many actresses have come forward sharing the experiences of their own, including Armeena Khan.

Pakistani actress Armeena, who has worked in a number of television dramas and movies, is a outspoken protagonist who does not fear speaking on any topic. The ‘Janaan’ actress recently slammed the common victim shaming and assumptions that clothing of women bring them trouble.

The actress described her incident when she was all covered in a burka when not one but two sexually assaulted her in the middle of the famous streets of Anarkali in Lahore.

The actress didn’t just stop there and argued with almost everyone who tried to shame her for sharing her story. Armeena also slammed another Pakistani singer/actress Rabi Pirzada who was characterizing women types with sexual harassment….