Pakistan: Muslim gunmen shouting Allahu Akbar kill 2 Christians, injure 5 in drive-by shooting

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Reuters, April 15, 2018. (Archive link)

Two members of Pakistan’s beleaguered Christian community were killed on Sunday in the country’s southwest when unknown gunmen opened fire on a small group that had just left a local church, police officials said.

The churchgoers were on their way home in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s Baluchistan province, when two men on a motorcycle began shooting at them, local police official Ataullah Shah told Reuters.

Eight wounded were taken to hospital and two people were pronounced dead.

Television pictures showed members of Quetta’s Christian community burning car and bicycle tires while protesting the shooting.

At the hospital, people screamed and cried as the two bodies were brought in on a stretcher covered with white sheets.

Baluchistan, a region bordering Iran as well as Afghanistan, is plagued by violence by Sunni Islamist sectarian groups linked to the Taliban, al Qaeda and Islamic State. It also has an indigenous ethnic Baloch insurgency fighting the central government.

Islamic State has created a branch in Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent years mostly by recruiting among established militants. Its followers have claimed some of Pakistan’s most deadly recent attacks.

This month four members of a Christian family were gunned down in Quetta a day after Easter, in what police officials called a “targeted attack”….