UK: 2 Muslims jailed for kidnapping non-Muslim woman, using her as drug mule

Consider the wording of the story, indicating she was treated not like a person but like a spoil of war:

Fesal Mahamud, 20, and Mahad Yusuf, 21, spoke to the girl briefly on social media before telling her she ‘belonged’ to them and forcing her to conceal heroin and cocaine in her body.

‘She was treated as a commodity…’

Raymond Ibrahim, writing at the Gatestone Institute, has shown that non-Muslim women are regarded as spoils of war and can be used for sex. His article cites a Voice of Europe report that lists many European women being raped specifically by migrants. The Qur’an does sanction the taking of non-Muslim women to be used for sex (as we see from the Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30).

Daily Mail Online, April 13, 2018.

Two gang members have been jailed for a total of 19 years after they trafficked a teenage girl 200 miles out of London to sell drugs in a landmark prosecution.

Fesal Mahamud, 20, and Mahad Yusuf, 21, spoke to the girl briefly on social media before telling her she ‘belonged’ to them and forcing her to conceal heroin and cocaine in her body.

The two men kept the 19-year-old captive for five ‘harrowing’ days after promising her the chance to ‘make some money’ and luring her from her home in London to Swansea, south Wales.

The ‘vulnerable’ girl was threatened with violence if she refused to help sell drugs, and was only freed when police raided the house she was being kept in.

Mahamud and Yusuf each pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs, and one count of arranging or facilitating travel of another person with a view to exploitation.

The latter charge is the first time legislation under the Modern Slavery Act has been used for cases of ‘county lines’ drugs trafficking, in the hope longer sentences act as a deterrent to gang bosses.

More prosecutions are expected in future, in cases where children as young as 12 have been groomed and used as runners to move class A drugs to towns and cities outside of London.

Swansea Crown Court was told at an earlier hearing how ‘manager’ Mahamud instructed Yusuf to ‘coerce’ their victim into becoming a drug runner with threats of violence.

Prosecutor Caroline Rees said: ‘The girl agreed to travel to Swansea to make money.

‘Whilst she traveled apparently willingly she didn’t know where she was going.

‘It was then clear she was going to be used as a street operative.

‘It is accepted that to keep drugs safe she was required to secrete them on her person.

‘She was given threats. She was threatened that if she snitched she should expect violence.

‘She was led to believe her phone was being monitored. She was left feeling there would be violence if she did not cooperate.

‘She described how she was hurt and left in tears every day.’

The girl’s mobile phone was destroyed and she was beaten, punched in the face and forced to conceal drugs over five days in May last year.

Yusuf remained in Swansea to run the drugs operation on the ground while Mahamud returned to London to direct the dealing via mobile phone.

The 19-year-old’s ordeal ended when the home used by the gang in Swansea was raided as part of a joint operation between the Metropolitan Police and South Wales Police.

Mahamud, from Zambezi Drive, Edmonton, London, was sentenced to 10 years and Yusuf, from Cuckoo Hall lane, Edmonton, North London, was sentenced to nine years at their sentencing hearing today.

Nicola Rees of the Crown Prosecution Service said: ‘The teenage girl at the centre of this case was trafficked and abused by gang members in order to deal drugs.

‘She was treated as a commodity, transported to an unfamiliar location without any means of contacting her family or friends and forced to carry Class A drugs….