UK: Muslim asylum seeker jailed for raping teen 3 months after being let into UK

Raymond Ibrahim, writing at the Gatestone Institute, has shown that non-Muslim women are regarded as spoils of war and can be used for sex. His article cites a Voice of Europe report that lists many European women being raped specifically by migrants. The Qur’an does sanction the taking of non-Muslim women to be used for sex (as we see from the Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30).

SWNS, March 16, 2018. (Archive link)

An Afghan asylum seeker has been jailed for raping a vulnerable teenager in a stairwell – just THREE MONTHS after he was allowed into the UK.

Masud Wakili, 27, attacked the 18-year-old victim who had passed out in a block of flats after he had plied her with vodka and coke.

Shockingly, in a bid to cover up his crime Wakili deliberately kissed the dazed woman in front of CCTV cameras to suggest she had consented to sex.

Three months before the brutal attack, Wakili had arrived in the UK from Italy to make an asylum application – despite being deported eight years ago.

On Thursday (15/3) Wakili was jailed for eight years and ordered to sign the sex offender’s register for life after he was found guilty of rape at Warwick Crown Court.

Judge Anthony Potter said: “On Saturday September the 9th last year, having had a modest amount of alcohol with friends in a park, you left them and headed into Coventry city centre alone.

“By the time you came across your victim you were equipped with a key fob to a block where your friend lived close to the city centre.

“It would have been obvious to you that she was vulnerable, not just by virtue of the drink she had taken, but also by her obvious impairment.

“You struck up a conversation and you took her to a pub.

“There is some evidence you were on the look-out for vulnerable females, but I’m not sure the planning was significant rather than opportunistic.

“I am satisfied, though, that despite the fact she told you she had a boyfriend, and was in frequent communication with him, you decided to have sexual intercourse with her irrespective of her wishes.

“Your purchase of a drink for her was as much assessing how vulnerable she was as adding to that vulnerability.

“You took her off to the block of flats where your friend lived, and it is evidence from the CCTV there that she was so drunk she had to cling on to the walls for support.

“Once she entered the lift she fell down through a combination of drunkenness and tiredness. You became irritated any pulled her up, and then pulled her out of the lift.

“You didn’t even take her to your friend’s flat, you took her to an isolated stairwell.

“Almost immediately she must have passed out, because she has no real memory of the encounter with you, perhaps fortunately in the circumstances because, without a thought for her welfare, your raped her.

“From the time you left the lift to the time you returned re-buttoning your trousers was just four minutes.

“Whether for the benefit of the CCTV or to suggest she was compliant, you kissed her….