India: Muslim gang assaults, robs Muslima for traveling with Hindu classmates

Not only does Islam mean peace, it also means tolerance and feminism!

TNN, March 26, 2018. (Archive link)

A group of six youths allegedly assaulted and threatened a Muslim student after she travelled with her Hindu classmates on a bike. The girl, in her complaint, said they robbed her phone and tarnished her image by sending stored videos to local groups. They also stole Rs 2,500 from her.

After the incident on Thursday, the youths barged into her house the same night and threatened her with consequences.

Following her complaint, Doddapete police filed an FIR. No arrests have been made till Sunday evening.

Police said the run-in happened on Thursday. The complainant, in a burqa, was riding her two-wheeler to college. On the way, she saw two classmates, a boy and a girl, waiting for a bus. They decided to take a triple ride. The boy rode the bike while the girls were pillion riders.

When they reached Savayipalya, six youths stopped the bike and allegedly assaulted the girl for travelling with Hindu classmates….