India: Muslim stabs Muslim friend 50+ times for mocking his lack of education

Hindustan Times, March 23, 2018. (Archive link)

A 21-year-old man allegedly killed his 18-year-old friend on Thursday by slitting his throat and stabbing him 54 times. Reason: The friend would allegedly speak to him only in English in an attempt to belittle him for being uneducated.

The accused, Mohammed Amir Abdul Wahid Rahin, then walked into Shahu Nagar police station and confessed he had killed his friend, Mohammed Afroz Alam Shaikh.

Police said Rahin walked in around 1am, confessed and then took them to an isolated spot near Raheja bridge in Mahim where Shaikh’s body was found. Rahin told police Shaikh’s constant teasing had angered him, and he had been planning the murder for a week. “But he was waiting for the right time and location,” said DB Thorat, senior police inspector at Shahu Nagar police station.

On Wednesday night, Rahin took Shaikh to Bandra on the pretext of treating him to a drink. Both of them bought beer. After a while, Rahin followed Shaikh into the toilet at the place there were drinking in and slit his throat with a knife. “When Shaikh fell, Rahin stabbed him 54 times to ensure he was dead,” said Thorat….