Indonesia: 2 women to receive 100 stroke caning for violating Sharia by alleged adultery

Life under ISIS? No, life under sharia., February 18, 2018. (Archive link)

Two housewives with two single men are charged with 100 stroke caning for alleged adultery in Southwest Aceh Regency.

Abdya Regency Public Order Agency and sharia police (Wilayatul Hisbah) head Riat in Blangpidie on Sunday (18/2) stated that the two housewives are each a resident of Gunung Samarinda Village of Babahrot District and Baharu Village of BlangpidieDistrict.

The housewife from Blangpidie with the initial Md (28) will be receive public caning as she was caught red-handed violating sharia Law by bathing with HR (28), a single man from Pulau Kayu Village of SusohDistrict….