UK: Illegal Afghan Muslim who falsely claimed he was minor jailed for life for raping pregnant woman at knife point

Follow @TheCircumvent Observe, the state of the UK. Raymond Ibrahim, writing at the Gatestone Institute, has shown that non-Muslim women are regarded as spoils of war and can be used for sex. His article cites a Voice of Europe report that lists many European women… Continue Reading

Pakistan: 6 Christians charged with blasphemy for insulting Islamic poetry that praises Muhammad

Follow @TheCircumvent ICC, February 26, 2018. (Archive link) International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that six Christians from Elahiabad, a town located near Faisalabad, were charged with committing blasphemy on Friday, February 23. Following the blasphemy accusations, a majority of… Continue Reading

Report: Christians in Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, experience abduction, forced conversion and marriage, false accusations, death threats

Follow @TheCircumvent Christian Post, February 23, 2018. (Archive link) A groundbreaking new report by watchdog group Christian Solidarity Worldwide has exposed the atrocities Christian children face at school in several countries, from being forcibly converted to other faiths to being… Continue Reading

Turkey: President Erdogan promises to honor little girl with Turkish flag if she is ‘martyred’

Follow @TheCircumvent Considering sermons about jihad were preached in many mosques over the last few weeks, and “martyrdom” in Islam is connected to receiving rewards (paradise, memorial, etc), this comment from Erdogan is rooted in Islamic thought. February 26: Sparks… Continue Reading