Effects of terrorism — Speakers to broadcast terror warning in event of Melbourne city attack

December 28: Australian police test emergency speakers following vehicle attacks

Newburgh Gazette, December 11, 2017.

A network of loudspeakers across Melbourne’s CBD to warn people during terrorist attacks or emergencies is nearly three quarters complete.

Four men are waiting to stand trial on terrorism charges after they were arrested in December last year over a similar alleged plot to attack Federal Square and other public places in Melbourne over the Christmas-New Year period.

More information about the test will be released closer to the demonstration date. “We also want the public to know the technology is in operation, should it ever be needed”.

Police Minister Lisa Neville said announcements will be read out to help direct people in the event of an emergency; to inform people to move to a particular area or shelter in a nearby building. Already, 65 sets of loudspeakers are in place at sites including Federation Square, Flinders St station and the Bourke St Mall.

During an appropriate emergency scenario, the public address system will be activated to provide emergency warnings to alert the public during incidents in the CBD.

The speakers are part of a security upgrade after six people died in January when a man allegedly struck them deliberately with a auto…..