UK: 9 terrorist attacks thwarted in the past year

December 5: 

Daily Express, December 5, 2017.

The findings of official reviews into intelligence handling by counter-terror agencies prior to this year’s wave of attacks were released today.

Britain’s security apparatus came under close scrutiny after dozens of people were killed or injured in atrocities between March and June.

Following the attacks at Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge, and Finsbury Park, MI5 and police launched internal reviews.

The assessments have been carried out internally but David Anderson QC was appointed by the Government to provide “independent assurance”.

Mr Anderson, the former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, submitted his classified report to the Home Secretary last month.The Parsons Green attack in September is not covered by the report.The events of 2017 have prompted questions for MI5 and the national counter-terror policing network.

It emerged that perpetrators of the Westminster and Manchester atrocities, as well as one of the London Bridge attackers, had at some point been on the radar of authorities – although none was considered high risk at the time of the attacks.

The spokesman said, detailing a presentation given to cabinet members on the current threat facing Britain: “Mr Parker said that nine terrorist attacks had been prevented in the last year.”In a regular Westminster media briefing, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman declined to discuss the details of the attacks that had been prevented over the past year, some of which are subject to forthcoming court proceedings.But he confirmed that the subject of Mr Parker’s presentation to Cabinet was the threat from Islamist-related terror.

“There have been five attacks that have got through, four of which are related to Islamist terrorism.

“The Prime Minister gave thanks to the tireless work of staff at MI5 to combat the unprecedented terrorist threat…..