Left-wing journalist & ‘liberal’ Muslim: ‘Criticism of conservative Islam becomes interpreted as Islamophobia’

Follow @TheCircumvent A thought-provoking piece with truth in it. Those who suggest reform are immediately deemed to have been intellectually colonised by the west, “uncle toms”, branded as traitors who are supposedly siding with some sort of Zionist western liberal… Continue Reading

Survey: Majority of Europeans in 11 nations opposed to EU’s immigration policies

Follow @TheCircumvent Breitbart London, November 29, 2017. A strong majority of Europeans across 11 nations are opposed to the European Union’s (EU) immigration policies, including nearly nine in 10 Hungarians. The survey was conducted by the Nézőpont Institute in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the… Continue Reading

Mahmoud Abbas admits that Palestinians and Jordanians are the same people

Follow @TheCircumvent This is consistent with history. This fact is important because the Palestinian people do not go back centuries. In Ramon Bennett’s stellar book Philistine: The Great Deception, he writes (p. 144): In 1981 King Hussein (Abd’allah’s grandson and father of… Continue Reading

Florida: Convert to Islam gets 25 years for plot to blow up synagogue, said ‘It’s my call of duty’ to kill Jews

Follow @TheCircumvent His duty, huh? That can’t be Islamic… Sirat Rasul Allah [The Life of Muhammad]: “The apostle [Muhammad] said, ‘Kill any Jew that falls into your power.’ Sahih al Bukhari 2926: Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established… Continue Reading

Muslim school denies admission to students because their father sings India’s national song, wears Indian flag colors

Follow @TheCircumvent TNN, November 28, 2017. While many Muslims have raised strong objections to singing “Vande Matram“, a self-proclaimed “lover” of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay‘s song from the community in Agra, Gulchaman Sherwani, claims that his children are not being given admission in Muslim… Continue Reading

German police failed to notice picture of migrant holding gun who went on to kill 12 at Christmas market

Follow @TheCircumvent More and more comes out that shows the 2016 vehicular jihad in Germany could have been prevented. Syrian asylum seeker warned authorities about Berlin jihadi 1 year before attack Germany: Ex-federal prosecutor finds investigators missed chances to stop… Continue Reading