Australia: ‘Palestinian’ ambassador outraged cops wear Palestinian terrorist headscarves in mock terror attack

Why is he angry? The cops were oblivious, but they might as well been — in the Palestinian’s eyes — representing the Palestinian struggle for a homeland. They could have praised the cops, as Fatah and Hamas et al. publicly praise the ‘martyrs’ that kill Israelis.

Daily Mail Australia, October 18, 2017.

Palestine‘s ambassador to Australia demanded an apology from NSW Police after a fake terrorist apparently wore a symbolic Palestinian headscarf in a training exercise.

Cops simulated a major attack involving two masked ‘gunmen’ dressed in headscarfs at  Sydney‘s Central Station on Tuesday night – sparking a furious diplomatic row.

Ambassador Izzat Saslah Abdulhadi slammed police because one of the headscarfs resembled the black and white symbol of Palestine’s resistance, the keffiyeh.

Mr Abdulhadi claimed it was an ‘egregious… display of prejudice’ by police.

‘The keffiyeh is a symbol of the struggle of the Palestinian people for their right to self-determination and freedom,’ he fumed.

But a police spokesman insisted: ‘In no way were we trying to stereotype members of the community, and any offence caused is unintended’.

One fake gunman (left, right) was dressed in a black-and-white scarf and several prominent Palestinians said it resembled a keffiyah – a ‘symbol of struggle’ for the Palestinian people

Police bought the clothes from an Army disposal store as ‘jungle and desert coloured camouflage’ years ago.

The spokesman said there was ‘significant operational need’ for officers to conceal their identities during the operation.

The police response followed an angry written statement from Ambassador Abdulhadi on Thursday morning and a prominent Palestinian-Australian branding it as ‘offensive, racist and disgusting’.

The keffiyeh headdress is a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. It is often associated with the iconic political leader Yassar Arafat.

Mr Abdulhadi claimed the use of the clothing was ‘all the more egregious in a country where 73% of the public support the self-determination of the Palestinian people in their own state’.

‘Displays of prejudice such as this serve to reinforce harmful stereotypes about the Palestinian people and Arabs more broadly.

‘Terrorism does not have an ethnocultural identity. We are seeking a public apology from the NSW Police Force for this display of prejudice.

The simulation held at Sydney’s Central Station was aimed at educating authorities on how to respond to a terror attack or armed offender in public spaces.

More than 160 police, firefighters, paramedics and transport officers participated in the scenario.

A woman is pictured in one of the black-and-white head scarfs

Outspoken psychologist Hanan Dover also slammed the headscarf inclusion on Facebook….