Algerian journalist writes: ‘Our dispute with the Jews is a religious one’

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MEMRI Special Dispatch, October 17, 2017.

In an article published August 10, 2017 in the Algerian daily Al-Shurouq, journalist Sultan Barkani wrote that the Muslims’ dispute with the Jews is religious rather than political. He stated that the Jews have been plotting against the Muslims since the days of the Prophet Muhammad, and that they are responsible for most of the disasters that have befallen the Muslim ummah. By controlling media, cinema, art and fashion, he said, they control the Muslims’ minds and character, inciting them to promiscuity and depravity and causing them to be feeble and defeatist. He called on Muslims to search their souls and return to Islam before it is too late and before the Jews and their secularist agents strip the Muslim ummahof everything it has.

The following are excerpts from his article.

“We all know that the Jews hated the Prophet Muhammad and fought his da’wa [call to Islam]. We also know that they plotted against the [Muslim] ummah after the Prophet’s time, that the Righteous Caliphs [the first four Caliphs] were killed because of their slander and the quarrels they sparked, and that the disagreement among the [Prophet’s] companions broke out because of their treachery and deception. We know that the Jews continued to plot against the Islamic Caliphate until they eventually managed to topple it in the first quarter of the 20th century,[2] and that they exploited the ummah‘s weakness to conquer the blessed land [of Palestine] and turn it into the headquarters of their scheming against the ummah. But is that all the Jews did and are still doing against us and our ummah?

“Today, many among us believe that our conflict with the Jews is only because they occupied Palestine, but the truth is that our conflict with them is a religious one, because they hated our Prophet and plotted against our religion and faith, and continue to do so. They were also behind most of the calamities that befell the ummah before the toppling of the Caliphate and the conquest of Palestine, and they continue to be behind most of the troubles that afflict it. It was they who acted to divide the ummah into small countries. [Then] they appointed unambitious rulers to head them and embroiled them in corruption and immorality scandals, so [they could] pressure them and carry out their plans in the Muslim countries.

“It is the Jews who control the media that afflicts the ummah today – media that spreads lust and religiously-dubious [ideas], fills the Muslims’ hearts with feebleness, turn food, drink, clothing, cosmetics and cars into their greatest desires… causes them to fear the power and the weapons of the enemies, and turns them into empty-headed cowards. This media fights good traits and morality [by] spreading corruption and depravity, destroys the family unit, and encourages wives to tease and oppose their husbands and daughters to rebel against the authority of their fathers.

“Sadly, the Jews are not content with occupying our beloved Palestine, but also want to control our hearts, our minds and our interests by means of the media, which they have managed to take over, subdue and direct.  The Jews now directly control the companies that create and produce films in America and then distribute them worldwide, such as Fox, Goldwyn-Metro, Warner and Paramount. Even more important is their control of Hollywood, whose cinematic productions are admired by many young Muslims. Some say, ‘What have we to do with Hollywood, Fox, Goldwyn and their ilk?’ [But] the problem is that our impressionable Arab media, controlled by secularists and billionaires, feeds on what those [American] companies advertise and [seek to] emulate them, without any consideration for the faith of the ummah or its unique characteristics. By directly controlling the world’s largest film production companies, the Jews indirectly control many Arab [television] channels that are known for spreading feebleness and  depravity, such as [the Saudi-owned] MBC and Rotana [satellite channels], whose owners are people who formed bonds of love with the Jews, and did so very professionally.