Arab Muslim writer hits back at notion of ‘Don’t offend Muslims’: ‘I am a Muslim, and I am not angry’

Mamdouh AlMuhaini, Al Arabiya, October 10, 2017.

The “angry Muslims” excuse, which has often been used to intimidate others, is insulting because it puts all Muslims in one category and suggests that they are all angered and pleased by the same things.

It is even more insulting because it assumes that it is easy to manipulate the feelings of these Muslims and treat them like children who are cannot be independent thinkers that can have different feelings about the same matter.

What hurts me and angers me differs from what hurts and angers my friend or brother. Assuming otherwise means we are characterless people with no opinion or self-worth.

I remember how a teacher said something during a lecture once and then apologized to all Muslim students “for harming their feelings.” This was the most humiliating apology I have ever heard because it put us all in one basket as if we are a herd of sheep where no one is different.

Perhaps it is time to annul this insulting false argument. I am a Muslim, and I am not angry and it is not possible to easily manipulate my mind

Collective excuses

What is more humiliating is that he would not have said the same thing about followers of other faiths or people from different cultures because he is aware that what may anger one of them may not anger another. He therefore does not need to utter these collective excuses that are worthy of fools.

This excuse is also used in the western media, which also adopts this same view. Politicians and journalists who claim to defend Muslims use this excuse to serve their own vested interests and harm reputation by distorting the image of Islam and Muslims.

What is strange is that enlightened Muslim figures in the West are attacked by the media and accused of being allied with bigoted right-wing movements.

It’s a strange position to take. They intimidate Muslims who see things differently or have opposing views by describing them as racist and fascist.

Dangerous dimension

There is a deeper and more dangerous dimension, which fanatics in our countries use as they promote and deepen some fears for obvious reasons….