(Video) Australia: Islamic preacher tells Muslim parents not to let children listen to music on way to mosque

Daily Mail Australia, October 10, 2017.

An Islamic preacher from western Sydney has slammed Muslim parents for playing music to their children on the way to the mosque and allowing them to dance at home.

Sunni fundamentalist morals campaigner Nassim Abdi said it was wrong for parents to have the radio on as they drove to and from the mosque.

‘We have children who are drowning in the listening of music, day and night, to the extent where we have parents taking their children to learn the book of Allah, learning the Koran … but on the way there, and on the way back, the children are in the car listening to music,’ he said.

The Islamic teacher, who has previously criticised Muslim women for showing their ears and necks in public and plucking their eyebrows, also said it was wrong for parents to allow their children to listen to music at home.

‘When they get home, the parents are listening to music,’ he said.

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‘The parents encourage them to listen to music and to dance and to make videos and to make a joke out of it and to make fun out of it and to post it online.

‘What is going to be bred into the heart of this child: the love of the Koran or the love of music?’