British newspaper on Israel: ‘The country you’d never thought to visit but should’

Or, you know, you could take Forbes advice and travel to Iran, one of “the 10 Coolest Places to Go in 2017.”

Breitbart London, October 9, 2017.

British holidaymakers should “swap ordinary for underrated” and head to Israel for their next Mediterranean vacation, an article in a top newspaper in the country declared this week.

“A holiday on the Med usually means Spain, France, Italy, Greece, or – if you’ve grown tired of the above – Croatia, Morocco or Montenegro. But head east – all the way east – and there’s an option that doesn’t often come to mind: Israel,” travel writer Soo Kim wrote in the Telegraph on Friday before going on to highlight ten reasons to visit the Jewish state.

According to Kim, Israel boasts a plethora of “undiscovered” beaches, “year-round sun” and “young, hip and laid back locals.” He also noted the country’s “thriving nightlife” which includes “some of the world’s most sophisticated and unique bars,” as well as its “vibrant food scene” and “fascinating architecture.”

“With more than 230 museums spread across a relatively small plot of land, Israel is an option for sunseekers who also want culture,” Kim wrote, adding that Israel has more museums per capita than any other country in the world….