Australia: Islamic school instructs students to establish Islam across Australia

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Daily Mail Australia, October 4, 2017.

An Islamic school instructed teachers to tell students their faith should be ‘established’ across Australia.

The worrying directive at Bellfield College, in southwest Sydney, was uncovered after a complaint that it encouraged anti-Australian sentiment in its community.

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes said the school’s teacher manual stressed children should be told mankind’s ‘worst enemy’ was secularism.

Teacher manual at Islamic school Bellfield College, in southwest Sydney, said to tell students ‘peace, stability and justice can only be achieved through the establishment of Islam’

‘[It said] peace, stability and justice can only be achieved through the establishment of Islam,’ he told an educational law conference, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Bellfield removed the lines after the education department investigated, but Mr Stokes said more needed to be done to combat extremism in schools.

‘These issues are not going to go away… we will see more incidents that will raise these issues in future,’ he said.

Mr Stokes wanted schools to pledge allegiance to Australian values like democracy, tolerance, fairness, respect, and the rule of law.

He urged schools to sign a registrar to that effect and hoped to enshrine Western values into legislation.

‘I am challenging educators to think about how it would look. I am asking what are Australian values and why it is important that they should be upheld,’ he said.

Mr Stokes said schools should be accountable to Australian society and not isolated from it, and claimed Islamic schools increasingly preached against freedom of religion, thought, and expression.

He said a former teacher at an Islamic school and public school in southwest Sydney also came to him with fears about Muslim students being radicalised.

It followed the ousting of Punchbowl High School Chris Griffiths in March after he refused to implement a government anti-radicalisation program…..