Russia: Jihadist cell plotted to crash 2 trains and drive truck through crowd on Russia’s Navy Day

The Sun, August 10, 2017.

Russian Security Forces are believed to have detained a jihadist cell accused of planning to crash two trains and drive a truck through a crowd on Russia’s Navy Day.

The cell allegedly planned to disrupt traditional celebrations in St Petersburg, held on 30 July, with the explosive vehicle.

The group, who are also believed to have planned to cause chaos at the Confederations Cup football party in June, are thought to have tried to get two high-speed trains to crash at 186mph, according to the Mirror.

They allegedly tried to place a metal “stop block” on the railway lines at Farforovskaya station, near St Petersburg, but did not fix it carefully enough.

Komsomolskaya Pravda said: “Having hit the obstacle, one Sapsan express train was supposed to jump up and hit the second train running in the opposite direction.

“The joint speed would have been about 300 km per hour, with hardly any chance to avoid a tragedy.

“Sapsan train just smashed the obstacle and passengers did not even feel anything.”

According to the Mirror, Russian Railways workers had to agree they would not tell anyone about the incident.

The cell is also believed to have filled a KamAZ truck with explosives and driven it into crowds.

But the FSB is thought to have detained the group before they were able to carry out the attack…